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About AIM

Aim Festival is organized to showcase the uniqueness, ingenuity and richness of Africa to the world through music. It’s an avenue to experience the diversity of African music from the 6 regions of the continent which includes Africans in the Diaspora, thereby bringing the world together using a universal language; Music.
Aim festival is an activation of motherland beckons aimed at harnessing the artistic potentials of the continent and exporting her cultures to the world through music.
Aim festival is scheduled to hold from December 1st to 7th annually. The festival entails exposure to African music, dance, cuisine, fashion, arts, adventure and business.


It’s a sudden realization that Africa which is the second largest continent in the world with a population of 1.216 billion people, residing on a 30.37million km2 of landmass, communicating in more than 2,000 languages has no common denominator. Africa, which is known to be the location for world best indigenous content related music has no platform where our diversity can be fully recognized or acknowledged, so Aim Festival as an entity was put together by motherland beckons for all Africans and lovers of Africa to come celebrate our differences, uniqueness and talent in one venue. This is a call to re-enact African unity, self determination and the rebirth of Africa.


We envision a festival where all African countries will perform together at one location, on one stage and with one voice. To be the world’s largest export of African music.


To explore the greatest African product: Music and exporting it to the world.
To bridge the gap between African artists and foster future collaborations.
To salvage the African economy as every tourist spends money from base to destination.