• 1. To Expose/make African music accessible to the world believing that African music is one of the fastest way to alleviate poverty in Africa.

  • 2. Create an African music warehouse/market place.

  • 3 To alleviate the problem of Africa's poor data structure that makes collation of the continent's musical repertoire difficult by creating an annual market place where music lovers, film producers, TV show programs, African music talent scout, international musicians looking for a collaboration with African musicians, documentary producers and radio stations through out the world to have an annual African Music Mecca.

  • 4.To correct the anomaly that there is no single music festival in the world dedicated to African music alone when Africa is the origin of all music genre in the world.

  • 5.To create sponsorship opportunities for corporate organizations that believe strongly that music can take Africa out of its current Economic stagnation.

  • 6. To create an avenue for African rebirth.

  • 7.To create a platform for lovers of Africa to connect with Africa.

  • 8. Finally, to give the numerous Africans in Diaspora an opportunity to heed the motherland Beckons call.