• 1. What is the basis for Aim Festival celebration?

    AIM Festival is based on the realization that Africa which is the second largest Continent in the world has no common denominator not even in the now leading industry in the world; MUSIC. This sparked the birthing of Aim Festival, an annual event put together to create an avenue for people and nations of the world to experience authentic African music from the 55 countries of the world, in one setting.
  • 2. How will the proposed location occupy 200 artists for a week?

    The venue for the festival, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort sits on a 65 acre land space. It has 3 different stages and various facilities of international standards.
  • 3. What is the schedule for performances?

    Appearance of acts on stage will be organized in such a way that all African music stars in attendance will have ample time to express themselves and put their creativity on display.
  • 4. What security detail is in place?

    The organizers of this festival own one of the leading private security agencies in Nigeria and Africa. The Nigerian security agencies have also been engaged to ensure the safety of all and sundry who attends this festival.
  • 5. The activation of 200 artists in a location and on a stage is a wide range of entertainment, what’s the proposed timing for each artist on stage and how many per day?

    Being the first of its kind in the history of African Entertainment, all registered artist will be given the time and day scheduled for their performances.
  • 6. What advantage will come from aim festival to each country of Africa and the artists?

    AIM Festival is an avenue for African artists with unique talents to be discovered by international scouts and producers, Established record labels. This Festival will also foster collaborations with international music stars looking for authentic African musicians to work with, possible endorsements from multinational companies and lots of windows that would be opened as a result of participation.
  • 7. How will aim festival facilitate the influx of tourists to other African countries?

    nations to itself on a regular basis. Africans are the most creative in the world and AIM Festival is an avenue for the world to have an idea of what is in play in the different nations of Africa thereby arousing the desires of tourists to visit.
  • 8. How will Aim Festival facilitate the development of the continent of Africa?

    The opportunities availed Africa by AIM Festival is innumerable as this will automatically change Africa’s stand in world record from being the dump site of the western world to being the pioneer of great ideas that would stand the test of time, improve on the existing peace and harmony that exists between Africans and also facilitate more of African music on music top charts and award nominations.
  • 9. What makes AIM festival different from other festivals?

    AIM festival features live music from all 56 African countries with performers showcasing the music, dance and culture of the country they represent.
  • 10. How can an organization sponsor?

  • 11. How can indigenous artist from European countries be a part of Aim Festival?

    Artists interested in performing at AIM festival should kindly register here and complete their artist profile. The selection committee will review your profile and contact you.
  • 12. Are tour packages available?

    Yes, Tour packages are available here

    For accomodation at the festival venue, please click here
  • 13. How can I come onboard the business arm of Aim Festival?

    To partner with a small ,medium scale enterprise in Africa, click here
  • 14. Will there be auditioning of artists and performers?

    Audition date and time will be carried out in stages and will be conveyed to fully registered artists.