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The president of the African Diplomatic Group and the Ambassador, Embassy of Liberia, Al–Hassan Conteh, has conveyed the appreciation of members of the group to Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye, president of the La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort and chief promoter of the African International Music Festival, for the legendary branding of the festival at the Kapital Club, Abuja.

In a letter addressed to Dr Akinboboye, Ambassador Conteh enthused: “On behalf of the Diplomatic Group, I like to express our thanks and appreciation for the entertainment cocktail you hosted for African diplomats on September 20, 2017 at the Kapital Klub in Abuja to present the forthcoming AIM Festival in Lagos.

We are very impressed by your passion and pan –Africanism .The music by the band and the dance of the various artists/artistes were eclectic. We enjoyed the evening and look forward to collaborating with you for a successful festival in December.”

The diplomatic commendation was as a result of the beautiful cultural ensemble which Ambassador Akinboboye packaged as an foretaste of what to expect from the AIM festival scheduled for December in Abuja.
The aim festival, according to Ambassador Akinboboye, ‘is to stir and stoke cultural intermingling within Africa for African unity and brotherhood. It is a creative concept of oiling and lubricating the pristine cultural chord as a tool of peace building, peacemaking and bridge building.”

He revealed: “What we had in Abuja was just an inkling of the humongous cultural package of five cultural groups from 54 countries.
“The AIM festival scheduled for December will be a cultural phenomena never witnessed or packaged in Africa. It is going to be a blitzkrieg of culture, of dances, of songs, of the best of Africa. We will show the world that Africa is the mother of culture.”

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